Look Inside

Help! Who am I? What am I here to do? Where do I find my purpose? Why is this a struggle? How do I overcome?
You are just you. Built with spirit, soul and intelligence. No matter what your school grades are, you have a special gift of knowing. Yes, it’s in there.
We spend so much time looking on the outside for answers when all we have to do is pay attention to what feeds and drives us. Go on in. Move away the garbage, remove the spells of twisted reality and dive on in.
Give yourself permission to throw out the pain, the hatred, frustration, and doubt.
It doesn’t matter what has transpired in the past. That was only an experience placed at that point in time to help you exercise the muscle of spirit and remind you of your special gift of knowing.
The struggle will disappear when realizing that our eyes are obsolete. Shapes, sizes, colors and things of the material world become not the product of our happiness.
When we look at the outside, we see flaws. When we think about feelings, we dwell on old emotions from disappointments, disrespect, betrayal, and loneliness. A lie is born over and over every time we trust what we believe our eyes see.
Looking outside makes us the judge and jury of which we are not.
Doesn’t all living things on this planet know their purpose and how to live intuitively? All life has a knowing. The tiniest of organisms know how to reproduce, what it needs to survive and flourish. Even the plants spread their roots underground in search of water.
Learn to look within. There’s nothing to fear unless you have opted to be controlled by your eyes. They have told you to view this, as that and brought on much suffering.
We will only know our personal who, what, where, why and how when we venture to look inside.

By Leslie Gayle Goodwin


About lesliesway

Leslie Goodwin is the published author of "Almost Hit" and an independent writer. Coming from 2 generations of publically acknowleged writers, grandmother, Ruby Berkley Goodwin was the first black person to have a book published by Doubleday in 1952 with her book titled "It's Good To Be Black" and Father, Robert Lee Goodwin being the first Black person to write for the television network.
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2 Responses to Look Inside

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  2. Je Taime Raman says:

    Leslie, you are truly a blessing!!! I love you so much, and everything that you’re about and all that you stand for…Thank you for your words of Wisdom and inspiration. You have touched my heart in a major way!! Love you Lady!!!!♡♡(Mamma Leslie)♡♡

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