An Institution

An Institution

I have been told…

That being institutionalized is not to be able to make decisions on ones own. To deaden the ability to make proper choices or function under the norm of society.

Institutionalized is a simple structure of being told where to go and what to do—even how to behave, as necessities for general living are gifted.

Practices are ingrained by monotonous routine. The law laid…rules and regulations not to be rebelled against for one can always become further caged.

Yet, in an institution, another institution can always abound. That being of a higher power and relativity. A personal freedom where the concerns of the world no longer exist.

Incorporating this internal and eternal institution leaves one to its barest goal. To blossom the growth of a relationship with ones maker. To empower oneself with the unveiling and discard of unreality. To cleanse the temple and renew the spirit.

This is the Institution within the walls of being institutionalized.

Written by Leslie Gayle Goodwin

About lesliesway

Leslie Goodwin is the published author of "Almost Hit" and an independent writer. Coming from 2 generations of publically acknowleged writers, grandmother, Ruby Berkley Goodwin was the first black person to have a book published by Doubleday in 1952 with her book titled "It's Good To Be Black" and Father, Robert Lee Goodwin being the first Black person to write for the television network.
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