Change Yourself!

How  many times have  we attempted the impossible and tried to change other people –  but attempting this is a waste of time!

I can’t tell you how many  times I have tried to change other people and have failed.  There was one  person in particular with whom I am very close; this person was not happy with  their life, they were bored and lonely. For years I tried to change them and aid in their leading a more productive life.

It Did Not  Work
Guess what, it didn’t work.  I just ended up  being frustrated, until I realized that I had no power.

As much as we want to, we all need to understand  you truly cannot change other people.

Think About  This
Think of a time when you tried to change a  personal habit. As we have absolute control over how we think, you would assume  changing a habit is easy… No, it is not.

Stop and consider  how difficult it is for us to try and change other people when we have no  control over their thoughts.

To draw on the wisdom in an old saying,  “You cannot change other people, you can only change yourself.” If you want  others to change, then you must change.

Whether it is the behavior of  a child, a boss, a co-worker, a friend, or a spouse you are the one who must  change. You can change the way you express your feelings towards the behavior.

Or, you can change your reaction to the behavior. In some cases, you  may have to change by accepting the behavior.

The Point Is  This
You have control over you and that is the only  person you can change. When you realize this, you will save yourself a lot of  frustration.

Remember:  You can change YOU and only YOU.

About lesliesway

Leslie Goodwin is the published author of "Almost Hit" and an independent writer. Coming from 2 generations of publically acknowleged writers, grandmother, Ruby Berkley Goodwin was the first black person to have a book published by Doubleday in 1952 with her book titled "It's Good To Be Black" and Father, Robert Lee Goodwin being the first Black person to write for the television network.
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