Denying Yourself

The more you try to deny something, the more it will interfere with your life.

Explore some part of yourself that doesn’t jibe with your public image. When you’re able to accept all parts of yourself, you free up more energy to live the life you deserve.

What are some areas of your life that you intuitively know need revamping and how do you plan to change it?

Who are some of the people that you need to cut from your life, but having a hard time letting them go and why?

Do you feel it is easier to cling to those things that are not necessarily positive in your life just because of familiarity?

What is your reasoning for not accepting what is best for your overall wellbeing? (Fear of loneliness, have a hard time with confrontation, uncertainty of change?)

It is up to you to recognize people places and things that no longer serve a positive purpose for you and sever those ties in order to stop denying yourself of the things you deserve.

About lesliesway

Leslie Goodwin is the published author of "Almost Hit" and an independent writer. Coming from 2 generations of publically acknowleged writers, grandmother, Ruby Berkley Goodwin was the first black person to have a book published by Doubleday in 1952 with her book titled "It's Good To Be Black" and Father, Robert Lee Goodwin being the first Black person to write for the television network.
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